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πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽBride and Bridesmaid RetreatπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

If you're getting married soon and look for the right event to celebrate with your bridesmaids and family, Active Fitness got the right thing for you.

We're launching our exclusive package

                                                                    GET READY FOR THE WEDDING 

                                                                    A specially tailored spa day for the bride and her bridesmaids. Enjoy a day full of                                                                         fun, Wellness and Fitness to get ready for the big day.

                                                           Package includes:

                                                          πŸ’ 45 min class "Shredding for the wedding" Bridal Fitness
                                                          πŸ’ 45 min class "Pilates- Core & more"
                                                          πŸ’ 2 course Lunch
                                                          πŸ’ Beauty Pamper Party
                                                          πŸ’ Spa and Gym use
                                                          πŸ’ 25 min Massage Treatment
                                                          πŸ’ 30 min "Stretch and Relax"
                                                          πŸ’ Goodie Bag filled with surprise itmes and voucher

                                                           Book now or get in touch!!!!

Mother and Baby Pilates with Baby Massage

Bring your baby along to our gentle Pilates class and return to exercise to get back in shape :)

The class will help your postnatal body slowly to recover from your nine months of pregnancy and birth. Strengthen your abdominal's and pelvic floor, decrease lower back pain and stretch out for more flexibility and long muscles.

Please check with your doctor first about exercising after the birth. We recommend returning to exercise no less than six weeks after a natural birth and 12 weeks after a caesarean section. These classes are for mummies with new babies to those with babies who are about to start crawling.
Babies can lie next to you or can take part in some of the exercise.

The Pilates session will be 45 minutes followed by 20-25 minutes Baby massage. Bring a mat, towel and something to drink as well as a blanket and towel for your baby. Massage oils included

Drop in Β£8.50 or 6 week course Β£42 (pre booking required)
Pilates and Spa Retreat

Take a break and enjoy a day full of Pilates, Fitness and Wellness to reduce stress, increase energy and feel fantastic :)

Start the day gentle with an energizing Pilates class to engage your core and lengthen muscles followed by a seminar about your pelvic floor. Increase your fitness level with our Bikini Blitz Workout. Enjoy treatments and relax while using the spa and gym.

                                                                    Package includes

                                                                   πŸ•‰ 45 min morning Pilates
                                                                   πŸ•‰ 30 min Pelvic floor Workshop
                                                                   πŸ•‰ 45 min Bikini Blitz
                                                                   πŸ•‰ Lunch
                                                                   πŸ•‰ spa and gym use
                                                                   πŸ•‰ 25 min Back massage
                                                                   πŸ•‰ 30 min Stretch and relax

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early bird until 1st may Β£70/ then Β£75