Active Fitness

Exercise that fits your needs

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Get ready for Christmas and treat your loved ones with a special gift. Get in touch now for a tailored treatment in one of our branches. Exclusive at The HolistiCentre Barham and Abbey Place Clinic Faversham.

Couples Massage

Anika & Caroline are now taking bookings for joint massage bookings, come with your loved one or a friend for a relaxing shared massage experience, within the holisticentre at Broome Park”

Anti Cellulite and Detox Treatment

Improve the appearance of your body, increase lymp flow and get baby soft skin.
This tailored Anti- Cellulite Treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite and smoothen your skin and tissue.

The package includes

                                                            * brush massage to increase blood flow and remove dead skin cells
                                                            * manual lymphatic drainage to increase lymph flow and remove toxins
                                                            * anti cellulite massage with essential oils to smoothen the skin and break                                                                   up cellulite tissue

Afterwards you can sit down with a cup of Detox Tea to support the treatment. Pre-booking required/ 1 1/2 hour treatment £50 

Personaltraing (homevisits available)

* single session              - £35 per hour

* 4/8 week package       - £250

* 5/10 week package     - £300

* 6/12 week package     - £340

* all packages include a membership for the online fitness training and                                                                       nutrition program

Pilates personaltraining and small group classes

* One to one                                          - 25 £ per class (45 min.)

* small group personal training           
                                                             - 2 client class:  20 £ per person
                                                             - 3 client class:  15 £ per person

Book your personaltraining/ small group personal training and we find a  place and time that suits you best (home visits available)

Manual lymphatic drainage

* manual lymphatic drainage is a speciliased massage technique to treat many helath conditions such as

               * headaches and migraine
               * lymphoedema and fluid retention
               * maternity swelling
                                                                           * fatigue and stress relief
                                                                           * recovery and support during wheight loss/ Detox
                                                                           * recovery after fractures, cancer, torn muscles and scar tissue


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